• September 23, 2019
How well do you know India

How well do you know India?

India has its vast history and is known for many of its beautiful places, facts and human. Test how well do you know about India, its history , its people and many more.

India is ____ largest country by area.
Who was The last Governor General and First Viceroy of India ?
From where India get its name?
The Indus Valley Civilization flourished during _____.
Non Cooperation Movement started in ____.
Who among the following could not be captured by the British in 1857?
Which of the following is a floating post office?
Which of the Indian lake is formed by a meteor?
Vande Mataram was first published in _____.
The practice of Sati was declared illegal by _______.
In which century did Ashoka reign?
Who is known as the Grand Old Man of India?
English is the official language of which state?
Who among the following is known as the Heroine of 1942 Quit India Movement?
Which is the National drink of India ?
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